Will she get her babies out from there when they hatch

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    Apr 8, 2008
    I have a Seabright who is sitting in a flower pot with 2 eggs.
    I have candled them and they are fertile.
    There is a 6 inch step up to get out of the flower pot, how will the baby chicks get out.
    Should I assist of should I get leave them.
    I guess eventually they will be able to get out, don't like the sound of that though. Ho hum
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    Jun 8, 2008
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    You will probably have to assist and come night time she will try and take them back to the same place. When the chicks can't get to her she will become distressed. I had two hens setting inside two 55 gal. drums this summer. Now what were these hens thinking. How were the babies gonna get out and back in. Crazy birds!
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    How far into the hatch is she with the eggs? If she is close to the end I wouldn't move her as she might give up and stop sitting the eggs.

    If you are willing to risk moving her go out and set up a nest in safe place for her. Maybe a small kennel type pen with some good bedding that you can close up as needed. Keep it low on the ground and make sure there is room for a small waterer and starter crumbles. Go out at night, when she is sleep, and in her chicken trance state, move her and the eggs. Watch her the next day and see how she does you may have to lock her in if she tries to go back to the flower pot.

    Let her hatch them. She will sit tight and not budge from her spot in the last few days. This is when you might go out and ofer her some canned corn, meat slivers and a little extra treats. Brooding can be real tough on their bodies.

    Once the eggs are hatched make sure the chicks can get to plenty of food and water. Let her brood them. She can do it much better than we can.

    Good luck and happy hatching.

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