Will someone please look at my post?! Bronchitis? Coryza?


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Jun 4, 2009
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Fancy is my absolute favorite! I would hate to lose her! Any and all help grately appreciated! A few days ago I noticed that her one eye was a little runny. I have been watching it and it has gotten worse. After doing much reading here last evening I separated her from the flock first thing this morning. To be honest what I read scared the hell out of me. I fear Infectious Bronchitis. I started her on Duramycin-10 this evening. TSC would not sell me Tylan 50. The smallest syringes they had was 18ga anyway. Their "chicken expert" said it was probably Coryza. There is no smell though. There is no sneezing, coughing, wheezing, nasal discharge, etc. Fancy seems fine except for the following.

**I will post a pic as soon as possible.** This morning she had a smaller than a pea sized bump on the upper rear portion of her runny eye. It has ulcerated and is bleeding a little; likely from her scratching at it. It looks like the conjunctiva may be ruptured (?) as her eyeball appears flat. This evening I noticed bubbling.

She is eating and drinking just fine and her poo looks normal. This evening I fed her half a hamburger bun that I dipped in her water solution and fed by hand to make sure she got some of the antibiotic in her asap. This was in addition to her regular food.

She is a 4 month old Araucana. My flock eats Purina Flock Raiser 20% and black oil sunflower seeds.

They are allowed to range for a couple hours every day unless it rains as it did here today. We are in East Texas if that is helpful.

None of the others have the runny eye thing. Everyone seems normal.

Please advise.
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She may have injured her eye. If there is any possibility that you can get a vet to prescribe an opthalmic antibiotic, you may find that will do the trick. If she's infected her eye you MUST get some to save her, because once it starts, it requires concerted effort to kick it.

I don't recommend this, but I had leftover pink-eye meds from my kids and I used it when my Polish scratched her eye- it was leaky and red, swollen...yada, yada...no other symptoms.

It worked! I hope Fancy gets better!

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