Will swans nest in a house?


12 Years
Apr 25, 2009
If you let muscovy hens or a domestic goose raise your swan babies, will they be more inclined to use a house (or the house that they were raised in) to lay and set eggs?
Also, will they come back to this house at night?
One more question. If the cygnets are raised by the duck hens/geese, will they accept the other ducks and geese as their flock? I'm hoping I can keep my future ducks, pilgrim geese, and swans all on the same pond.
My Black swans were raised around my ducks and geese. They all cohabit-ate the pond pretty well together. My swans still use their big wooden dog house to sleep in at night but they are all under 2 years old. I see them making fake nests out of hay in their house, practicing..... but wither they will actually lay in it I don't know....
thank you! And good luck with them nesting in your dog house...It would be so much easier to keep them protected if they did!

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