will the brooder be too big? PICS :)

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  1. My hatch is about halfway done. I built a big brooder with a separation screen. One third is for my two-weekers, the rest is for the day-olds. The newbies will be in a space that is 3 ft x 3.5 ft. Will this be too big or will they be OK? I have the food and water just on the outskirts of the heat. Will they get back to the heat OK when they wander away from it? Thanks in advance.
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  2. Has anyone else used a similar size brooder that can give me some input, please?
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    you can start them in the rubber made totes like you get at wal-marts for the 1st week.then move them to your big brooder.i have 3 4ftw by 6ftl by 2ftt brooders thats 2ft off the ground.
  4. I was thinking of putting the tote inside the bigger brooder. Maybe I'll do that. I wish others would chime in. I need to figure this out soon.
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    I started my 5 in a brooder that is 3x3. They have done fine in there from day 1. Like you said, I placed the food and water on the outskirts of the warm area. They pretty much stayed on that side the first few days. By the time they were a week old though they would venture around a little more. I think you're little ones will do okay in the 3' space. You could always go back and slide in a piece of cardboard if you think it's to much once you get them in there. [​IMG]
  6. THANK YOU!!! I just wanted to hear this from someone who did it! Thanks so much!! [​IMG]
  7. Thanks again, TexasFF, the babies I moved into the brooder are doing just fine! All had some water and food and are sleeping peacefully in the heat. I have 6 more I'll be moving tomorrow morningish. I've had a good hatch so far, 10 out of 16. Almost all are rose comb RIRs, so this is very exciting! [​IMG]
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    Wow, that's a great hatch, congrats. I use a huge litterbox w/ a reptile light as my initial brooder and they then graduate to a 3 ft x 2 ft crate w/ a larger reptile light. Its probably not as pretty as yours but similar sized and concept.
  9. I have 11 out of 16 so far. I disposed of 4 this morning that never pipped, no sound or movement. One more is working on hatching, so I'll let that one keep trying. I'm pretty happy with my hatch! Strangely, I only hatched one of Gordie's. Shipping really did a number on his eggs this time, but I have two of his from an earlier hatch so that's cool. I have 8 from Duane Urch, and 3 from RIRMan on Eggbid. Bought 6 of their eggs and got three to hatch. I'm feeling successful, lol! [​IMG]
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    My brooder is 4' x 4', and right now it has 7 chicks in it. I made sure it was warm enough under the light before getting them, and they have done great. They stay under the light if they need to, and move away when they get too warm. They're about three weeks now, so pretty much only use the lheat lamp at night.

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