Will the chicken coop construction boom help end the recession?


11 Years
May 19, 2009
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Just happened to think of this when I tallied up everything I've spent recently on my coop addition. Think of the boon to the lumber yards and home improvement stores as we all rush to build bigger and better coops. Those who build with used materials are saving that stuff from going in the landfill.

EVERYBODY is getting chickens these days!

I wonder whether grocery store (caged hen) egg sales are down as we all eat our home-produced eggs!

That's funny! Great point, yes, I am running my own economic stimulus program...
Only so much can be salvaged! I think I can find everything except the hardware cloth and maybe more hinges & latches.
At the end of the year, all our expenses which are logged into a spreadsheet, generate a report or two to see how we did. Or didn't.
I write the number of eggs on each day of the calendar, which will be calculated with all the "chicken" expenses. Then subtract a certain, yet to be determined, percentage for "cheep therapy". Will post how expensive my eggs were this year. . .
It may generate a quick boom in building supplies, but as soon as the gold, er... I mean platinum first egg is laid... I'll be in the black again!

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