Will the ducklings I order be delivered in a po or my home?

I live in North Carolina. And my ducklings should arrive the last week of this month. I was wondering this so if I need to prepare a area for them to be placed at if they were house delivered. I ordered with My Pet Chicken.
USPS will always call you early in the morning and ask you to pick the ducklings up in your post-office. They don't want to have the birds sitting in a mail delivery van where it is too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter.
I think the Post Office will always hold the chicks and call you for pick-up. The hatchery will write phone numbers to call on the shipping box. I have ordered from multiple hatcheries, and My Pet chicken last year, and no change in the procedure, though my PO seems to have a habit of changing their pick-up location on a fairly regular basis, which is annoying, but that won't be a problem for you. Be sure to be home to answer the phone that day, if the PO doesn't reach you, they will call all the back-up numbers you gave the hatchery. I remember giving them 3, and yeah, they called my daughter's cel when I was outdoors when they called the last time and I didn't answer the call.

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