Will the eggs hatch?


12 Years
May 18, 2010
question, My silkie has been sitting on her eggs in her coop. The eggs should hatch in 7 days, however another hen must have pushed her out. When I visited the coop later this evening I noticed the eggs were by themselves and the silkie was in another hen box. The eggs were chilled and I placed them under her hoping they might still hatch. Is there still a chance? Rockmaster
Of course! There's always a chance-that actually happens to me alot in the Summer and all my hatches resulted in some babies if not many:) Can you pen her separately with eggs????
If you can separate her ..do it now with feed and water right next to her too:) Just make sure you have chick feed right there too. I actually just put chick feed in with momma a day or two before chicks are due and take away her food-she will eat the chicks feed and the added protein in chick feed will help her maintain weight from being broody:)
im going to tell you a little story....

my wonderful helpful little 6 year old daughter decided she was going to help collecting eggs one day. i had a broody hen sitting on 5 eggs but had left for the minute that my daughter had decided to grab eggs she came in and yelled "mom i got the eggs for you" not really paying attention i said "thats great hunny thank you" about 4 or so hour later i realized that the five eggs with marks on them were on my counter top. two of which she had broken.
cold as ice i put them back under my hen 1 week later the remaining 3 eggs turned into three beautiful baby Barred Rocks

YES they will hatch!!
Dear chillin with my peeps, what a great story and a positive one at that.
this little silkie is 5 yrs old, and do we love her. I can't tell you how many eggs she's hatched and to watch her with her brood is so wonderful. I am hoping that when the peeps hatch that the timing will be right with the cold weather approaching. I have a canning kitchen downstairs and I use that when the peeps are born. Then within a month all feathers out, I bring them out to the coop and the rooster is delighted. /we do this every year, and that rooster is so smart he knows that his silkie is preparing his new family and watches me bring them in and out for the grass and sunshine. The best part is the roo can be a little aggresive if he wants to be but when it comes to this situation he has it down pat. Chickens are the sweetest little things, I never thought in amillion years that I would enjoy them so much!!!!!!!! I have approx 60 of them. 2 coops and a smoke house that I use In case of any emegency. Thanks for info and have a great day. Rockmaster

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