Will the eggs rot?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cookiesdaddy, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I have 4 laying hens (no rooster). One of them has gone brooding and been sitting on the others' eggs all day. I feel sorry for her so I let her sit on the eggs, thinking I'd pick up the eggs after a few days. It just dawn on me that the eggs may get rotten staying that warm for several days. Do they? How long can the unfertilized eggs stay warm until they go rotten?

    I just can't steal the eggs from underneath her - she might be sad [​IMG]
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    I will only eat them if they have only been sat on for a day any longer i throw away. Dont feel sorry for her. Break her up! They are CRAZY when they go broody.
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    She won't be sad. Take the eggs and take her off the nest. Block the nest if you have to.

    If you want to let her brood then get some hatching eggs and let her sit.

    Edited to add, I don't eat any eggs that I haven't collected every day. So for me if she has been sitting a few days I would throw those eggs out or cook them for the dogs or cook them and feed them back to her for the protein.
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    .........I also have 2 bantams setting on eggs.........and duck eggs , totally confusing as to who's are who's. I decided to stop them all from being broody and just removed all the eggs, my reason was, I am moving at the 1st of the month and I think they would have stopped on then anyway.....one had previously sat on 4 eggs for a month with no hatching.......... I would not use any egg once sat on more than a day , I toss um..... everyday I have to go get the eggs out from one that refuses to stop setting.........
    They will get over it hopefully, one bantam and one duck did here,now for the other one !

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