Will the hens accept the male


Nov 25, 2021
San Angelo, TX
I have 2 IB Hens that are 4yrs old. For the first 3 yrs they were with a IBBS male. This year I took them out and put them with an IB male another IB hen has been with that male. Well this year they hardly laid anything and they were dud eggs. So that's telling me they haven't accepted that male. Has anyone dealt with something like this? Will they eventually accept him or should I put them back with the IBBS male?
Make your pairings in the fall so they have all winter to get used to each other and the environment they are in. By spring they will be in harmony.
Ahh!! Thank you!! So for next year they should be well situated now that they will have a year with him, hum. Lol
I move my birds into their breeding groups in early spring due to how cold our winters get. If the hens aren't really laying it's usually an issue with them and not the rooster. If they are able to see other males that could be a problem as well. There are so many factors that determine fertility that it's very difficult to ever pin down one cause.

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