will these two ever lay an egg???


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my Mille fleur and bantam light brahma are 7 months old! not one egg! My bantam dark brahma has been laying on and off for 3 months! Anyone have any info on those two breeds as too when they normaly should lay? There combs and wattles have been red almost all summer!

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blue seal laying pellets-lots of fruits and veggies plus scratch grains...she is a little spoiles well they both are:) also some other treats when available-oh and they free range everday for about 8-10 hours if weather permits
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Im going to have to say no on that one..I could be wrong but the two girls in there that do lay are always with these two bogarters!!! SO I woud think they would lay together-they never leave eachothers sides!
Do you have straw/hay or shavings in their nest boxes? Have you tried nest boxes near the ground?

Some hens are VERY picky about where they lay and only hay will do. Some only want shavings. Some would lay on concrete and try to hatch golfballs. They're individuals. Try different box contents, different heights, different sizes. Try adding golf balls or fake eggs to your nest boxes. That sometimes helps them get the idea.
tried it all! wish I had a camera right now. But I have 2 sets of nest boxes in there-full of hay in one and full of shavings in another-coops 6 inches deep with sand/shavings DE=they could lay on the ground in there-my Bo's always started on the floor as did my bantam dark brahma-Im puzzled now 7 months seems like forever to me but when I put it into weeks 28 weeks-maybe Im just being impatient? IDK
I know some bantams have been known to not lay until almost 10 months... Sorry - I know the waiting can kill you. More golfballs??? LOL
10 months Holy crud!!! now that is a long time! On a good note 2 of my 5 1/2 months olds starting laying yesterday and today! The eggs look just like silkie eggs and if those silkies were in another pen I swear they were silkie eggs!!
not to hijack, but the little redish one is what?? Mille fleur??
i think that may be the breed of my 2 that i didn't know... YaY...
mine were born in june and i was wondering when they would start laying too.. i figured they'd be about a month behind my othe chickens since they're a month behind in age.. looks like i may be waiting longer??

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