will they be able to get over this?


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9 Years
May 6, 2010
I am putting a chicken wire fence around the garden and I wanted to buy this roll of 28in wire because its way cheaper. I know they are probably able to get over but will they? Or will they just see a fence and avoid it?
In my experience, they tend the not fly over it. On the other hand, they went under it quite regularly.

If you get it to stay flush with the ground, it should work fine for containing them.
Mine would frequently fly over a 5 foot fence. However, if you put the chicken wire around the bottom, you can use a square fencing material, usually cheaper, above the chicken wire and over the top. If you have a predator problem, you will need a stronger fence than chicken wire to keep them out. mk
My chicken run is a retired huge dog run. I lined the bottom with 24" chicken wire to keep the chicks from going through the chained link. Well Ms. Grey, who is a whopping 5 weeks old, is flapping her wings and moving her legs up the fence and almost scaled the fence today by climbing it. The fence is 6' tall. I've got to keep an eye on that little bugger.

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