Will they develop a little if you keep them in the fridge?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by pringle, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. pringle

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Hi,im not to sure if this is the right spot to post this but im gonna be selling quail eggs next year at a farmers market next to my dads fruit and vegtable stand.Ive already figured I should have about 20 females for laying.So im gonna be collecting the eggs for the whole week and putting them in the fridge until saturday then im gonna be putting them in coolers.My question is,is that im going to have some males with them and I know the eggs will be fertile but will the custumors really notice that?
  2. PunkinPeep

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    No, as long as you collect eggs every day, there should be no problem. They're just like non-fertile eggs when it comes to eating them.
  3. jacksboro_red

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    Oct 26, 2010
    ya petty sure when you clean them off and put em in the fridge that stops everything. i never notice anything different about my chicken eggs and i got two roosters
  4. debilorrah

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    Are you selling them for eating or hatching?
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    Sep 9, 2009
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    They won't even develop if you leave them on the counter. As long as a broody isn't sitting on them and they're not in an incubator they won't start to develop. I would think that they might have the occasional blood or meat spot just like chicken eggs (especially when they first start laying) but even that doesn't have anything to do with being fertile, just little glitches in the system. You can always candle them before packaging them for sale if you're concerned about that--my customers all understand that they're buying farm eggs and if any of their eggs have meat or blood spots in them I'll add extras next time. It seldom happens and no ones ever complained, but I'm selling to people I know so you might want to do it different selling at market.

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