Will they find there water?

rooster brandon.

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Sep 10, 2010
Kodak, by knoxville
I got 4 more polish chicks and the person had a big lip waterer for them mine is small do you think they will find it i tried to dip there beak in it but they dont get it all the others are eating and drinking just fine i have to fill a quart of water and food up once a day for 24 chicks now 28 do you think they will catch on?
I wouldnt worry about them at all. If their natural instincts dont kick in then they will learn by seeing your other birds doing it. Good luck.
Here is some random pics on there setup!


Oh and trust me the heat is very strong you can not hold your hand within a foot under it and you will have burns touch the bulb your going to the hospital it is warm where the chicks are the temp is about 95 at back hieght so i put it away and now i go with chicks moving around huddle under the heat you know stuff like that and half the cage is a cooler side for them they love it!One leghorn will come running and jump over 5 chicks and land in a heep of chick and appear a foot over from where he landed!And for some reason my white leghorns are a fast grower there bigger than everyone else even the black jersey giants CRAZY CHICKS!
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Almost, but not quite, certainly. If you dipped their beaks, they should be OK. Any that did not catch on from your beak dipping should learn from watching the others. But they are living animals and anything can happen.

One time, I had one that did not catch on after beak dipping. Curiously, that was also with 28 chicks. The day after I put them in the brooder, that one just stayed in one spot and gave out the distress peeping. If you have ever heard that, you know what I mean by distress peeping. You can just tell that something is not right by that sound. I dipped its beak in the water again and it stopped the distress peeping and drank a lot of water. I think I know which one it was to this day. I have one that is obviously less intelligent than the others.

Good luck! Despite my story, they should be OK.
i did the same thing when my chicks wouldn't go to the water (and this was after i had dipped their beaks). once i put the marbles in, that was it! they tried to peck the marbles and discovered.........WATER!! yea chicks!!

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