Will they get along soon?


Jun 1, 2017
We recently got 5 female Aylesbury ducks, around 24 weeks old, and a week later added 2 female runners, around 12 weeks old, and the runners are desperately trying to make friends but the others are just chasing them away and pecking at them.

It's only been 2 days, not expecting instant happy families, but how long roughly does it go on for before the give up and all live happily ever after? Will it ever? Lol

We separate at night when it's bed time, but during the day they have a large area to roam free so we haven't separated them, thinking they would have room to stay away if it got tense, but as I say, the youngsters just want to be friends so they keep trying to follow
Generally it is better to keep new birds separated so they can see each other but not touch. This gives everyone time to get to know each other and keeps everyone safe. Clearly the older ones need more time. It may be that they will always keep in their original groups but they should eventually get to a point where they all get along.

You could try putting just one of the older ones in with the two younger ones for a short amount of time. Giving the older ones their favorite treats when they are in with the younger ones will help make it a good experience. But the older ones could also get stressed from being separated so be ready for that.

On the other hand, if no one is getting hurt it might be best to let them work it out themselves. That's something only you can decide. I think the biggest thing to remember is that it takes time.
Yes, nobody is getting hurt at the moment, of course its lucky the way round that it is, the runners are of course faster and can usually get away before the others even get to them, only occasionally do they get caught off guard and get a peck to the backside, but then they run and no harm done

We will still separate them at night, because its too close quarters for them if they do start, nowhere to run! but hopefully during the day they will just start to get used to each other, fingers crossed!

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