will they lay this year?

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    Ok My girls will be 6 months old in August. I have read they usually start laying at that age. It is also the hottest part of the year here and I have read heat and cooler weather can stop them from laying. So my question is WILL my girls lay or will they hold off till spring? I am good either way I didnt get them for the eggs they are pets to me so if they hold off I am fine I just wondering around the time so I will know to start looking. I am SUPER excited to get my first egg and I have a 22 year old son with aspergers who has really opened up around the chickens! He will feed and water them. He got tickled the other day when Tyson ( my roo ) pecked him when he was hand feeding them!. He normally freaks out at the sight of red skin but he didnt and said its ok he was showing me he loved me! Because of his aspergers he is very intelligent but has the mind set of a much younger adult. He LOVES these chickens. Butter ( one of the girls ) loves him and will try to fly on him. Its cute.! I will post pics of him feeding the chicks when I get to my phone.
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    Onset of laying depends more on length of daylight than weather. There is still plenty of daylight to trigger egg laying hormones, so chances are good you will see first eggs before the shorter fall days arrive.

    It would be just as well for your pullets to hold off as it would give their reproductive systems more time to fully mature. There is an increased chance of egg laying issues with early layers. But if they do begin laying now, there's a good chance they will continue to lay through the winter.
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    Most of my pullets I But in spring start in September,they should be laying soon.
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    Usually get chicks the middle of April & some start laying by the end of August every time. Last year got them the end of March & they started by August 14. Good luck.

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