Will this combo work?

Cathy Carcas

Jun 21, 2021
I have 2 adult commercial hens. I am currently rearing a polish and a silkie together who are 8 weeks old and it looks like they are both cockerels. Is there any chance at all that these 4 will live together in harmony or do I need to get rid of one of the cockerels? If so which is most likely to be ok with the hens? Any advice gratefully received

Mrs. K

Free Ranging
12 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
You are proposing a tough one, you have too many roosters, and you have standard breeds and bantam breeds.

Personally - I would not recommend a rooster in a 4 head flock. Generally, they are in smaller runs and coops, and two roosters are apt to be a lot of trouble.
I would not keep 2 roosters unless I had over 18 birds.

If you have a way of getting rid of a rooster, get rid of both, and get pullets.

Mrs K

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