Will this effect the taste of eggs?


9 Years
Dec 13, 2010
So we got some roosters free to process and I took a look and one looked like a hen, so I decided to keep it for a bit and see. Well, we put her in with our ducks, and she started laying eggs the day after, or at least I think its her. Our ducks weren't laying yet, but we also got three new ducks which we were told might be laying. I've found a large egg that looked like a duck egg, and it looked very different from the two smaller ones I found, so I'm fairly certain the smaller ones are from the hen. The problem though, she likes to perch on the side of the pool we have for the ducks and I've found both chicken sized eggs in the pool! Now, the pool gets pretty messy pretty fast and so they were sitting in the dirty water for probably a couple hours before I found them. Will they absorb any icky flavors from this or does the shell keep all that out? This is my first time having poultry so I have no clue how absorbent the shells are or aren't. I'm a bit scared to just crack em open and try em without knowing, so does anyone have any idea if they will be good to eat? Also, any reason she might be insisting on using the pool instead of the nest box?
If it has been in dirty duck pool water I would throw any of those eggs out. Shells are not water proof and could easily absorb in bacteria from the water.
Hens sometimes need a little help to recognize a nesting box is the place to lay their eggs. Put golf balls, wooden eggs, or even a couple of store-bought eggs in her nesting box so that she can see it and make the connection. Chances are, she's dropping the eggs without even fully realizing what she's doing.

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