Will this flock work?


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Jun 21, 2009
I have a flock of 5 birds that free range during the day and fly into the coop at night.

Barred rock rooster 8-9 weeks old
Buff orpington hen(i believe) 8-9 weeks old
3 guineas (2 white 1 pearl) 10-11 weeks old

These 5 were all raised together

I currently have 10 chicks in the brooder. 8 guineas and 2 chickens. I want to keep 3 of the guineas (1 lavender, 1 pearl with white and 1 lavender with white) and one or both chickens (if they are hens). How do I introduce them to the existing flock? The rooster is already very protective of the flock.

Also the neighbors have 3 chickens (1 rooster and 2 hens) that free range and they come in our yard sometimes. Will the two roosters fight?

And when will my rooster start to crow? He still cheeps.


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Feb 26, 2009
Southern Pines, NC
I would introduce the new ones in the morning and stay and watch them. Maybe leave the little ones in the coop while the others free range. This way the smaller ones will be more comfortable when the others come in to roost! The free range roosters may fight, but since they have so much space being loose, it should not be a problem! Your roo should start crowing within the next two or three weeks! Hopefully!!

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