Will this silkie get along with the rest of my chickens....?


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
I am going up to buy a white silkie hen tomorrow and the lady wants to know if i want a rooster to go along with her... Well i have way to many roosters as it is but no silkies and limited space ever sence the foxes decided they wanted to start killing my chickens so i had to make a run.. I think she should do fine with the other bantams and some of the more docile standard hens. Should i get the rooster and make room? Or will she get along just fine by herself?
Silkies have a vaulted skull. NO skull cap. If another, more aggressive breed roo tries to... you know, and grab the head feathers they may just poke the brain. (my regular breeds get grabbed by the roo by the head while mating all the time)
No it won't get along. So get him and bring him to my house because I need a Silkie rooster

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