Will this work...husband got from new feed store


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Oct 24, 2016
Southern Indiana
My husband was trying to be nice and went to a new feed store and picked up 2 50lbs bags of layer feed. They make it there and it’s only $11 a bag compared to the Purina flock raiser that’s $16.99 at TSC we normally use. I have 10 week old,6 week old pullets and roosters and Pekin ducks too....please tell me they will be okay on this?! I know it’s probably not idea but he bought it and brought it home.
Layer feed should be given to laying hens or pullets close to laying. Not really ideal for growing birds or roosters. I give my roosters layer feed but I have read it’s not good in the long run so I am working on moving away from that eventually.

ETA: on the plus side, 2 bags of 50 lb layer feed will last you a little under a month for 16 laying hens so it won’t go to waste.
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Your birds are too young for layer - the excess calcium can cause organ damage over time - so you can either return it, or feed once they get to point of lay. However keep in mind that nutrients degrade the longer the feed sits around.

:confused: at the directions on the bag... "feed from 40 weeks to end of lay." Most chickens will start laying well before 40 weeks!

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