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    May 20, 2013
    First let me apologize for my atrocious drawing ability. All my birds are currently in a 12x12 potting shed. They are 4 weeks old and there are 22 cockerels (actually I think I have 2 that are pullets) and 11 confirmed pullets. They have access to 1/3 of an acre for aprox. 14 hours a day.

    The plan is to keep two roos and have two of these coops. Both with a Roo and aprox 6 hens. So there'd be 7 total in each.

    The meat chickens would then be relegated to the 12x12 shed, and the 1/3 fenced for them, and the layers with their roos, would have about 3 acres to free range.

    If you could look at 1) whether this design would work at all and 2) if I'm missing an idea or whatever in order to make this as easy as possible.

    Note I live in Georgia. It's hot here (though not right now) I have to worry a lot more about overheating than them getting cold. My plan if it were to get really cold for some freak reason would be to cover the mesh with plastic, but I can't see that being necessary.

    Again I apologize for the horrid drawings. BTW the beams will be made with 4x4.



    Here's honestly where I think I need real help. I'm not sure what to do with the inside and ensure I have good roosting area that won't get my food and water dirty.


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    Looks like you have thought this out. When I started with chickens, I put the food and water inside the coop. Later I found this created more of a headache than it was worth, so I moved them outside the coop, and found the coop floor stayed cleaner, no spills etc. Post pics when you can.
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    I think they would be fine.

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