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Apr 20, 2013
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I have a Black Astralorp Hen, I think I spelled that right. Any way she has went broody for about a week now trying to hatch golf balls.. I Thought I might put a large box in my house and give her some eggs to sit on, Do you THink That this is a bad or good Idea.
My concerns are:
1. will she become a stranger to the flock and have trouble with re-entry
2. will she freak out if I Seclude her with a Clutch of eggs in a new place she is not used to,
3. She is only 6 months old and has not attempted this before can she do it.
4 I can not seperate her to a spot near the other chickens because of predators.
5 i assume in my house is best because of the indoor temp for the chicks not being frigid at night time. or do you think in the barn would be better so they are used to the cold???

any help would be awesome as I am new to chickens this year and have never hatched an egg in my life. I have plenty of fertile eggs how many should i place under her?

Thank you, Jeremy
Moving her while she is broody may very well break the broodiness. I'd move her then wait a day or two to give the eggs, to be sure she is still settled into it. She won't know the difference between golf balls and eggs.

I like to separate for the setting as it's normal for them to go off and hide to set, then put them back when the chicks hatch. All you have to do is feed everyone something other than layer feed, which is quite dangerous for chicks. The flock will be fine eating chick starter or a flock raiser. Just put out some oyster shell separately so laying hens who need calcium have the choice. This way the chicks are already integrated when mama decides she's not a mama any more, which can be at 4 or 5 weeks, or several weeks later.

I wouldn't put her in the house. They're better off remaining in their normal outdoor temps so everyone stays acclimated, or becomes so. Neither mama nor chicks need extra heat, even in winter. Mama will keep the chicks warm with her body heat. And the chicks will grow faster, and be healthier and smarter for having been raised by a mama.

6 months is maybe a bit young, but she might do just fine. If she continues to set after you move her, there's a good chance the hormones have fully kicked in, and she will also be a good mama. There's only one way to know whether she will be a good broody for you, of course, and that's to try it. Good luck!

I really like this post of Ridgerunner's about broodies:


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