Will turkeys go wild like guineas, how do they learn what's home?


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
Friend is buying 50 turkeys in a month or two and I'm kind of his partner in the matter. He is going to have the turkey house and the 20 acres to graze and I'm going to take a breeding stock for sustainability. His plan is to let them free range all day, not even going to build a run. I've heard people having awful luck with guineas going wild and never sleeping at home and I just wanted to know if turkeys are presented with the same problem. Is there any good way to teach your turkeys where home is at night? I know with my chickens they put themselves to bed at night, no problems.
Our turkeys had no problem figuring out where home was - they come back to the feeders and waterers for an evening meal like the chickens do. However, they will have nothing to do with the "perfect" shelter I built for them, preferring to sleep on a fence under the stars. So, they roost in their home at night, no problem - just took an adjustment on my part on what "home" is.

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