Will Welsh & Khaki hybrid cause delay in first time laying?


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OK, I have read a few different answers on this forum about when ducks first lay, but most of them involve pure bred ducks. But we brought home a couple Welsh/Khaki's the last week of June this year. FYI, it appears that the drake looks most like his Welsh father and the girls will probably look like their Khaki mother, even though they are mixed.

We have been expecting the first of the egg laying starting this weekend, at around 20 weeks. But nothing so far. I have read it may take another 4 weeks too.

Does mixing them change anything too dramatically?

The temps here in Indianapolis have been dropping into the 30's at night. I have been keeping a light on into the night and early morning to simulate extended hours (15/16 hours) since early fall, and have a heat lamp on all night.

So, any thoughts on first laying or just wait a few more weeks and keep checking??

Mine laid first true spring after Juvenal molt into breeding plumage, I had two groups that both went to lay then, they were 3 months apart in age and the same breeds.

All my waterfoul so far seemed to wait till spring after first Juvi moult.

The ones 'designed' to lay forever after that laid till winter molt (now) and have yet to resume.

the more ornamental breeds with laying seasons quit after about three months lay and will resume spring.
Thanks. I think I remember reading something like that too, now that you mention it.

I was just concerned because early reading suggested that I would see eggs somewhere after 17 weeks, and when we hit 20 still no eggs. Further reading indicated maybe even 24 weeks.

I am just surprised by the variety of ranges...figured after all of the specific breeding, they were more exact. I guess you can only make nature follow certain rules...
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Very good to know.

The drake is definitely doing the head bob thing, and at least one of the girls too. He has even been climbing on their backs when they are in their water, from time to time. So, they are reaching some level of maturity.

Well, they are approx. 24 weeks old now and no eggs yet. I am hopeful they start soon, but I now assuming that since they were a early summer chick and we have had early cold weather, that they may have some delay still. I have joked with my wife and son that if no eggs by Christmas, we can at least have duck for Christmas and New Years parties...that didn't go over so well either.
Yeah, first egg! On December 1st we have our first egg. Not sure which of the two girls yet, but will worry about that over the next few days. Now my family doesn't have to worry about my making duck dinner for Christmas

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