Willow's comb has blood

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    My hubby went out this morning to check on our girls and this morning noticed that her comb is injured. [​IMG] From what I can tell it looks like the injury is from the back. We have a total of 10 hens. Willow is a Buff that we bought, along with 2 other girls, about 1.5 months ago so the pecking order seemed to have already been made.

    We don't use chicken wire, just in the isolation coop. Is there something I should put on so the other girls don't pick on her?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks for any help!


    Edited because I realized we jokingly refer to them as crowns and forgot to use the correct term in the title
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    Never had this problem before, but you should clean and dress her wound before your chickens start to be cannibalistic. You could try adding a bit more protein in their diet (try mealworms or sprouts) to see if the cannibalism is due to lack of protein. Watch for feather picking as well.
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