Wilson NC, Maraduna Basque Rooster needs a new home.


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6 Years
Dec 29, 2013
Wilson, NC
We have a Maraduna Basque Rooster that needs a new home. We live in the city limits and a rooster is not allowed. He is beautiful and friendly, we hate to see him go but we have no choice.

Carnegie, pry bout 1 hr n 30 minutes south, it's not hard just get approved box and go to post office no special license or anything like they all say
Can anyone tell me where I can get Maraduna basque hens or eggs? I'm in Maryland and nobody breeds up here. I ordered dozen eggs from. Ountry hatch last year and half were infertile or not viable but 1 that pipped but didn't zip. It didn't have anything to do with incubator because I had 100% hatch with other eggs set with the basque eggs.

Any info on breeders would be great!
FYI fairly new to site


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