Wimpy Rooster?

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Hey Everyone!

    Thought I'd share a funny story because I think it's pretty odd and see if anyone hs had the same experience.

    I have 4 White Leggern Hens (10 mos old) 3 Barred Rock Hens, and 1 BR Rooster (all about 21 weeks old). As many of you know, BR's are a pretty hefty bird so my BR Rooster towers over and out weighs all of my Leggerns. What we have noticed is that at this age, he still isn't crowing (no complaints here! Haha) and he is very friendly, but he's makes sure he's first in line to eat or drink. (We had a roo before who made sure his hens were fed and watered and would bring them food to snack on, such a sweetie!!) Now, my BR, though he's hefty and pushy, he is bullied by my Leggern hens. They chase him all around and peck at him, like they're boss, and he actually shys away from the one we call "Baby Bird". It's funny to watch them because he's just that "nice guy" that they all pick on, and he really doesn't display any dominance. He seems to be at the bottom of the "pecking" order.

    Is all of this normal? He's probably my favorite out of the flock but he's more like a hen than anything (but HES DEFINATELY A ROO).
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    Things will change when he finds his mojo.
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    It takes them a while to realize they're bigger than the hens, and to get their confidence. In the meantime, enjoy the funny interactions!

    When my rooster was coming of age, he would get beat up by all the hens/pullets. Then as he exerted dominance over the younger pullets, he'd try to mate, but his game was frequently interrupted by older hens chasing him off and kicking him. [​IMG][​IMG] He'd try to woo the older hens with a dance, but usually after a few steps, he'd run the other way with just a death stare!

    He's great now. No more getting beat up by the hens, though he likes chasing then when we release him from his bachelor pad, an insulated night box to drown out his early morning crows. He looks out for everyone, is gentle, even great with the chicks, he will "supervise" egg-laying, finds treats for his harem and all that a good rooster should be.
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    Keep in mind, he is still very young. He will start crowing and acting like a rooster, eventually. Give him time to mature.
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