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    Who is watching who? I built my coop/pen against or side home window so we could watch them anytime and check food, water, etc... with out even going outside. This location was also good because three of the four walls for a pen were already there. I just put a secure top and a door with chicken wire and they are safe from the wild. Well this window location has made our chickens voyeur.
    We let them free range around the yard daily. They kept coming to the sliding door window watching us instead of roaming the yard. Well the poop pile by the door got old. So I made them a window perch right outside the kitchen window. Which also comes in handy for hand feeding scraps from the kitchen prep.
    This is easy to make, and your chickens will love being in the spot light.
    I had two left over dog ears fence slates and a 4 ft piece of 1x2. I screwed the fence slates in to overhang of the roof (under eve off the roof joists) then drilled holes in each to slide the 1x2 ( or pole) threw. I also put two bumper pieces on bottom the slates to keep it still.
    The chicken jump up to this 4 ft perch no problem. The bumper helps keep it still enough that the birds feel comfortable.
    Not sure if this facebook picture is viewable but. I will try and get this cool extra highlighted
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    It says the page is not viewable, but [​IMG]

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