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Mar 7, 2011
Almost got my coop completed and was wondering how many and where to place them. I picked a few storm windows up at the local salvage yard and was going to try to make them work.Does any one think these will be a bad idea? They will be stationary and not open will that be ok. I'm still very new to this whole situation, any help will be appreciated.Thanks.
How big is your coop? That's going to determine how many windows make sense. Do you happen to have a photo?

I guess stationary is fine, but I keep hearing that more ventilation is better. Especially in summer. I'm planning on hinging my storm window at the top. The best example I've seen is on Elmo's page here: . Mine will never look this beautiful, but I'm trying my darndest to copy the windows.
I have just started construction on my coop. I have plans for a window on each side of the coop (some bigger than others), but hinged at the top with screen covering the opening when the windows are open. This way, depending on which way the breeze is blowing, they will be able to get some fresh and cooler air in the coop.
We added hinges and latches to ours. They work great over an opening lined with 1/2" hardware cloth. We framed the openings with 2x4s and used wood screws to attach the hardware. Most are on the east and west sides. We get great summer ventilation. In the winter, we have them closed. Spring and fall, we can open or close the ones we want, to adjust for weather changes. It's nice.

If you don't let them open, I'd be careful that sun shining in doesn't overheat the coop in the summer. I'd add a lot of other ventilation, too. I just figured since coops need a lot of ventilation, I might as well use the windows for it and have more light in the winter, too.
I agree with WoodlandWoman. Nothing says they have to be fixed,just because they're storm windows. You don't show where you're at but unless you're my neighbor, go for it! Light makes thing grow and ventilation is super important for chickens. Try cutting the wall hole a little smaller (1-2 inches, both directions) than the window size, hardware cloth the inside of the opening, and simply overlay the opening with the window and with hinges at the bottom so they can tip out. You can limit the opening with chain and use a cupboard hook to secure it closed in cool weather and storms. With openable windows that can be secured, you can't have too many windows.

Do your birds a favor and put at least one window where they can see out from their perch, they'll love you more than the feeder if you do.
The coop size is 5'x8' with the walls being 6'high. Ventilation consists of 8"x8' on both the north and south side at eaves of the slanted roof .Still deciding on the ventilation on the east and west side. Hope this helps regarding the question. We are located in western Maryland and do get harsh winters but not very hot summers.
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