Windows- should they open out or in?


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Aug 23, 2013
San Diego - Rancho Penasquitos
I'm trying to decide if the windows in our coop should open out and be out of the way, or open into the coop for easy opening and closing. What are your thoughts? I live in San Diego and think that most of the year the windows will be open.

Also how do you secure your windows if they open out? And do the chickens poop on windows if they open into the coop ie. they land and roost on open window ledges?

Any thoughts on this would be great!!!
The direction of the windows are dictated by the style of coop. If you have a deep overhang I personally like for them to open out and down, That's with the hinges at the bottom so they will fall against the outside of the coop. I put hardware cloth on the inside to keep the hens from sitting on the sill and pooping on it. I use a chain on the top to hold the window at the amount of open I want. Hot air rises. If they are open to the inside they do get poop on them and a terrible amt of dust.

If you do not have a deep overhang how about a sliding window with the wire inside to prevent them from pooping in the sills. You could make a small overhang just above the window with a board and some aluminum. That would divert the rain off their tops. good luck with your coop.
Where are they or bottom or side?
How accessible are they from the outside?

I hinged mine at the top and have them opening to the outside so I can keep them open in the rain, plan to keep them open all summer. I'll have to use a ladder to cleat them shut in the winter, which I don't think will be that big of a deal...but don't have chicken yet so only time will tell.

I think having them opening into the coop depends on how much room you have in your coop. I do think roosting and pooping on them is a possibility if they are not at a sharp enough angle that discourages roosting.

Hope that helps....Good Luck!
It would depend on coop style. I am doing an open air Woods coop. The windows between the low front slant roof and the highly slanted rear roof will hinge at top and open out with a hardware screen window on the inside that will open in to allow me to open and close "monitor" window from the inside and prevent wild birds, predators etc from coming in.

The recycled sliding windows from house remodel will slide. I will install hardware fencing on them too.

All but the worst weather in winter they will all be open. The front of the coop is facing east because I could not face it South (would be aimed at neighbors) due to property line location and prevailing winds.

So it all depends on what you are building, which way things face etc. But for rain, weather I would do the open out at bottom.... that permits opening in the harshest of weather for circulation and fresh air without letting the rain and snow in. It also gives a surface for sun to shine onto and warm the coop in cooler weather while still permitting the fresh air they need so much.
Thanks for all your thoughts. I am building a 8x10 shed style coop. I'm reusing windows that were in my house, but only the glass part. I'll be making the frame of the windows today.

I think that most of the time the windows will be kept open because it never freezes here. All days usually warm to at least 60 and the lows at night are no less than 35. Will I ever have to close the windows for the sake of warmth? Not sure if the humid cold will bother them? We get lots of fog and condensation every morning. When it rains hard or is really windy I plan on closing them. Just not sure if 35 degrees is cold enough to close windows for them?

I like the Idea of them opening upward but I'm not sure my roof will overhang enough. I hadn't even thought of that. The more I think about it though the out opening windows sound like the way to go. Especially if I don't need to close them often.

Will someone let me know if I should close them in the winter for humid cold nights at 35-45 degrees?
I tried the windows opening to the outside so that they would cover the opening during rain. The rain got caught in the trim on the window and caused rotten areas between the panes. That's the reason I suggested them to open from the top down. An overhang is great too. Good luck with your new coop.

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