Windows/ventilation/roosts for COLD winter


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Depending on the space in your coop, and how many chickens you have.... and how much snow you get....

You might want to extend the roof over the run.

A fully roofed run will keep the run snow free, so will help reduce crowding issues if you don't have much square feet per bird in that coop.

And then.... the coop wall that is now fully protected by the new run roof, could have a huge vent put in. And that huge new vent would be fully protected from snow and rain.


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May 7, 2021
So this will be the first winter with this new coop, and I'm realising there's a problem with the design. As you can see in this (old) pic, the roosts are right in front of the windows. View attachment 2831242 I've left the windows open for ventilation all summer unless it's stormy, but I live in Canada and winters can get really cold (-30C), so I obviously can't keep leaving the windows open. I already added a 16"x4" soffit vent to the top of the back wall, but I'm not sure that's going to be enough ventilation for winter. Thoughts or advice?
I think they will go to side where there are no drafts. Mine scoot away from window at night. Always an option to add ventilation.

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