Wingless quail


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10 Years
Aug 10, 2009
We had a coon or something get five of our quail last night. It wasn't pretty, and now we have one without a wing. It seems to be getting around fine. Do we just leave it? Separate it from the rest until it heals? Cull it?
It will probably go into shock or already is......some electrolytes will help, keep her/him warm and quiet. Clean up the wound if you can and it may be a good idea to keep her separate so the other don't pick at her. Hope she recovers!
Any updates?
Im sorry for your loss. if that were to happen in my pens and they were still alone but missing a wing i would cull it
Sorry to hear that. Even though your situation is over...

Last summer I had a 3 or 4 week old roo that had broken a wing. Not sure what happened but anyway every time the roo would lay down he would lay on his wing. When he got up he would stand on it. After a few weeks he managed to rip it off somehow.

I gave him some electrolites and cleaned the wound. After a few days he was eating, drinking and getting around fine. I guess I got lucky.

And that is how we got Uno, the one winged wonder. Gardian of the silkies. (had to put him somewhere else cause the other birds picked on him. The silkies don't know anything is wrong with Uno)

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