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  1. 3 month old Polish Crested. I see she is eatting and drinking water with "hydro-hen" "3-in-1 probiotics+electrolytes+acidifiers". (Which I started her on when I noticed the lethargy) She has been checked daily for lice and mites. Her vent looks great though I did notice slight stiff feathers around it, suggesting at some point she had a runny stool, but her poops are solid right now.

    I 1st noticed 5days ago she wasn't as active as she used to be with her sisters.
    After 2 days of just sitting around, I "hospitalized" her in a 1×2 cage in the coop with chick feed and "hydro-hen" because I noticed her crop was empty. I was giving her soak food with Apple cider villager n water, but she wasn't eatting it. But since I saw her crop growing and she was drinking the water and eatting, havnt attempted the soak since.
    We just suffered 3 days of crazy rain and I saw her head was soaked, wondered if the roof leaked on her head, and she just never moved.
    So last night I moved her indoors and set a heat lamp, and now her head is fluffy again, but she just wont regain her activity levels.
    We are now 5 days into separation. She eats, full crop, drinks, and poops still look great. She isn't weezing or runny eyes or nose.nothing. she just has her wings down and no activity. I did notice last night she has a red bruise on the side of her head. Maybe got her head stuck in the bars of the cage at some point but no other chickens have access to her so I'm only thinking somthing startled her and she tried to put her head thru the bars.
    Any other suggestions? I feel like I'm missing a step or I should be doing somthing else a a booster.
    Pics of her and her poo follow 20191013_093829.jpg 20191013_094346(1).jpg 15709760737446815895486885013379.jpg
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    You didn't mention when she last laid an egg.
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  3. She is not of egg laying age yet.. Just a week away from 3 months old
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    I flat missed that in the original post, being the FIRST thing you said, and all. **blushes**:oops:
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    Poor thing. Is a vet an option? Some of her symptoms sound a bit like coccidiosis, except that she seems to be eating and drinking, and not having any more diarrhea. A vet could check some fresh droppings in case of a coccidia overload. She is at a common age for that, but also for Mareks disease. Mareks is a strange disease caused by a virus, and can manifest itself with many different symptoms, including drooping wings. Is she moving her legs normally? Her crop looks a bit full in the picture. Does her crop empty overnight after she sleeps? If it is full early morning before she eats, she could have a crop disorder. Can you check then to see if it is full and firm, doughy, or puffy? A crop problem could make her dehydrated and that could cause droopy wings and lethargy. Hopefully, we can figure out what is going on.
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  6. I do have a vet.. Although he has a small specialty in aviary. I work at a vet hospital and we primary do dogs n cats. I'm kindda helping him diagnose my chicks and we find avian meds to help the girls when needed. But this really has us stumped.
    I will check her crop in the morning. But for now it seems kind of firm to moochie.
    I just put fresh bedding in, so it seems a little full, she has room to pace back n forth. She is about 8inch long so I figured 1ft×2 1/2ft after the food containers take up space, would be good enough space, though she only walks over to eat. Than just stands in the middle. Her legs/feet are great.
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  7. I do have coccila on hand, wonder if I should start that. Its hard for me to get at a store and have to order online, so i dont want to have to use it, if it's too far fentch that she has that. But I will
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    Has your vet done a fecal float?
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  9. No. But I will bring one I ..for tuesday
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  10. Not yet. Will have to wait til Tuesday when we open again
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