Winter and Ringneck


10 Years
May 12, 2009
This is my first year with my ringnecks. Do they do well in the cold? I would think that it would not get below 28 degrees here. Do I need additional heat in the pen? Are there foods to feed them that help generate heat? Any other tips during the winter?
They will be fine. Ours are outside all winter, and we have lots of times at or below zero. We feed flight conditoner.
After X-MAS is over go around and collect some used x-mas tree's..they work great for cover.. just make sure they do not have the loose tinsel on them as pheasants may try to eat it..

every year i get a bunch for my pheasant pens and the timing is good for getting them, right before the real cold begins here..

we feed our "adult" pheasants maintenance diet by Purina in the off season along with crack corn and wild bird seed and grit mixture... Other treats include bread, veggies and fruit..

we use Heated dog bowls for there waters, 1-1/2 gallon type
I would also poly the sides of their encloseure to keep the drafts off from them.It's also nice to feed and water without the wind blowing on you.And a cover on top to keep their feed dry.I also put straw on their floor and xmas trees leaned in a corner.The trees keep the birds nice and calm,plus in the spring they always seem to nest under them.I use the black rubber bowls,very easy to empty in the winter just tip it over and if it's frozen just stomp on it,you can't break them.
In N.H.,Tony.

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