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Apr 19, 2019
Hi, folks!

It turned from fall to winter quit quickly over here (Norway), and that means that leafs ang gras are gone - and our boy Fence will need extra food.

For some months now, I have given him pellets (for adult turkeys) since I can't get a hand on ratite pellets in this country. But, whenever he gets this kind of pellets, he's stool gets 'runny', kinda like
diarrhea, and smells a bit. Is that normal? (I give small amount of pellets, and it only appears when he eats this.) This also happens when he eats the goat-pellets.

He get's to eat fruit, vegetables, dried oat, leafs and grass, and with that his stool are normal. Firm, no smell, good colour.

Beside leafs and grass, what else should his food contain during the winter months? I'm always afraid to give him to much food during the winter months, since he's not active - thus, more reliable to gain weight.

Why is he not active during those months, you ask? Well, he hate snow. Like, really HATE snow. Often I have to lure him outside and walk with him, just so he can get som exercise. :gig

In advance, thanks! :)


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Mar 27, 2012
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A lot of people say that if you can't get a ratite pellet, the way to go is to take a chicken layer pellet, and mix in rabbit pellets, at a 50/50 ratio. Since you can't get ratite pellets, you might want to give that a try :)

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Apr 11, 2016
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I found in my area that a meat goat ration pellet was nutritionally closest to the ratite ration. And my emu eat it very well.
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