Winter Egg Production is WAY down...HELP

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  1. AnnabelsAviary

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about winter egg production. My hens (3 RIR & 1 Golden Laced) are 6mths old and began laying at roughly 41/2 months old. During the summer months I was getting 3-4 eggs daily, it was wonderful! However, since the time changes took place and it's gets darker earlier I have seen a decline, and have been receiving 1 egg daily for about a month.

    I have considered that it's just normal winter decline, but my concern is that they are being effected by the lack of sunlight. My hens are in an indoor coop and are let out daily to "graze" in the yard. But since the time change they get less time in the sun. Could this be contributing to my lack of fresh omelets? If so what you ya'll recommend I use to supplement sunlight?

    Thanks, Annabel
  2. Egghead_Jr

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    Oct 16, 2010
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    You can use just about anything for added lighting. I've read of people putting christmas lights on a timer. If you want to supplement sunlight spectrum for vitamin D you can use an energy efficient compact florescent.

    It's said quite religiously to add lighting for total of 14 hours. I personally only added light for total of 12 hours when we promoted egg laying and the girls didn't skip a beat from fall laying amount. For my latitude that means having the light turn on at 4:30 am and then off by 8 am from November to March end. With that added amount they'd actually only get 11.5 hours total in late December but it increases to 12 hours plus in January.
  3. AnnabelsAviary

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Dear Egghead_Jr,

    I follow your advice and egg production is back up normal! I am getting 1 egg per hen, per day. Thank you so much for your reply!

    Time for Christmas Omelets :)
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    Sep 14, 2007
    I understand that people want a supply of eggs in the winter but this is the time of the year that god gave them down time. So I just go with the philosophy that if I get eggs great, if i dont thats okay too.
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