Winter feeding tips?


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
Columbus Ohio
I was curious - as i am newer to chickens - but i know my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE bugs and so forth - what does everyone feed in the winter and as far as bugs go - does anyone feed meal worms or anything like that to get them to spring?
Mostly, the calories have to increase with the colder weather.

Protein is always important since eggs are made up, so much, of protein. But, as the hens have to use more calories to stay warm, they are eating more of their feed. That means their protein intake increases, along with every other nutrient.

If bugs equal protein, you should have less concern there.


ETA: I am more inclined to feed treats and scratch as colder weather moves in.
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I mix in some gamebird feed with the layer. The gamebird is about 28-30%. It has ended the "crying" that typically takes place when the bug population dies off.

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