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    my coop and run are one whole unit sharing the same roof. right now i keep the coop pop door open all day/night. it is preditor safe. i keep no food or water in coop just the run. but when winter comes this year will i have to close up the coop at night to prevent cold drafts and open it in the morning? but when i leave for work it will still be dark and cold, will they be ok? oh and i was planning on wrapping to run section with plastic to keep out wind in the run. i do live near st louis so it get cold but not Maine cold. what do you do, open coop door before work or have some type of auto door opener? as far as food and water i would like to keep it out in the run so i can keep the coop dry and clean. but i do need a water heater. any tips info would be nice.

    pic of coop is available on my page
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    I live just south of the Twin Cities in MN. I leave my coop closed up on freezing days (they can freeze their combs). I have an insulated coop but when it is freezing or below freezing I add a heat lamp. I have a water heater I found it easier after the first winter because how long before it is iced over and I didn't want them to be without water. My hens do not like snow, they won't walk on it. I am adding dropping boards this winter because really when they are in the coop if they aren't eating or drinking they spend most of their time on the roost. The most poo was under there hands down compared to the rest of the coop.
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    Birdbrain, I like your coop. You could put a piece or two of plywood along the north side of the run to keep out the north wind. I’m near STL also & it seems that the worst days are when the storms are moving in from the north. I would not close their door during the winter unless it faces the north & it’s a really cold, windy or snowy day. I feed in the coop all year, but I only water my birds in the coop during the winter. I use one of the electric base heaters that the waterer sits on. During snow or ice storms my birds don’t like to venture outside. However, since your run is covered I think you might be fine with keeping it outside, but make sure you have it heated. All it takes is one really good freeze & it will bust the waterer. I’m not looking forward to the winter months either [​IMG]

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