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  1. Sophie442

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    May 20, 2014
    We are having difficulty figuring what to do this winter w our chickens. The coop they haveis a major starter and we don't feel they are protected enough. Our only choice at this point is to out them in a garage that has a separate room w a doggie door. We'll build roosts and nesting boxes. The is not a window or any ventilation per say. I was going to use a light so they will keep laying. Thoughts?
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    The only protection they actually need is from predators. They will tend to stay indoors in heavy snow, though, because they don't like to walk on snow, so a good sized coop is important. And ventilation is an absolute necessity. They will get frostbitten combs and wattles from lack of ventilaion way before they get it from cold. Here are two excellent articles on winter coop temps and ventilation:
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    Just because you're cold doesn't mean the chickens are. Give them big ventilation, protect their feet from snow with straw or something and predator protection. The latter is the only real reason to have a coop. They aren't tropical cage birds, they're outdoor poultry that have adapted to virtually every climate on the planet - without heat.
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    Post pictures of your coop and maybe we can offer some insight how to make it work better. Include highs and lows for winter and average snow fall. We all keep our chickens in different setups depending upon budget, existing structures on the property, building skills and location. Keeping them dry out out of a draft is most important for me.
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    My first batch of chickens (4) wintered in a dog kennel . We put heavy plastic all around it to block the wind and did deep liter. They did fine. I came home from work everyday , rain snow whatever and let them out to free range. At night they would just march right back in.. See my Avatar picture it still has the German Shepherd on the front. Glad to say this summer my hubby redid a shed and turned it into a chicken condo for all my 20 new girls. They are living in the lap of luxury now.

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