Winter Questions (*MI)


May 31, 2018
Hi All!
I'm Poppy'sMom.. she is one of my four chickens and my most cuddly as a chick (a pretty Silver Laced Wyandotte). I also have a Buff Orpington (Emma), Black Australorp (Pearl) and Light Brahma (Boots). These are my first chickens, we got them at 2 weeks old around mid-May of this year.. so they're about 5.5 months old. This is my first winter with them, in Michigan.. which leads to some questions. I've done a bunch of reading but I cannot find exactly the answers I am looking for.. hoping you all could help!

1. I would like to supplement light for them in their coop since the days are getting shorter. I read that it is best to do so in the morning so that their day starts earlier.. and they have more of a gradual evening instead of an abrupt light to pitch dark situation. Makes sense to me, I can do that.

What I don't understand is what type of lighting to choose from a chicken's viewpoint. I know that chickens see things differently; the colors and the lightwaves. I've read that lights can really irritate them, as if they are standing in a disco with strobe lights. I'd like to avoid that.. so does anybody know what type of light or bulb to choose so that they don't go crazy? Would a colored light bulb be of benefit and if so which color (red maybe or would that be too stimulating)? Also fluorescent, incandescent.. Or which wattage? Or am I overthinking this? lol.

The second question isn't necessarily coop related but hopefully somebody can shed some light on my Great Egg Mystery.. :)

2. Pearl (the Australorp) just laid her first egg yesterday (YAY!).. I am thinking my Wyandotte will be next. Since winter is coming and the other two mature slower because of their breed - will they still start laying in the next couple of weeks/months, or will they just completely skip winter and can I expect my first eggs from the Orpington and Brahma in spring? How does that work? (hoping the light will "help").

Thank you so much in advance..
Your other girls may lay at any time! It might be tomorrow, it might be spring, it might be some time in the middle. I had a few that started late one year. I had one lay her first egg the very next day after solstice in December. Another started in January (days are getting longer again at that point), another started late February. You never know quite when you are going to get eggs. Be prepared to wait, and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised sooner.

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