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  1. I am in Michigan, and I was think maybe I could build some sort of winter run, that they'd still be protected by, but not get in the snow? Maybe a 15 ft by 4 ft wide, plexi-glass so the sun can keep the area warm, timothy hay with scratch so they have something to dig? Has anyone tried this? Is it even a good idea?
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    That sounds nice for the chickens. I think it sounds like a fun project and I'm sure the chickens will appreciate it.
    Probably not necessary. If you have cold hardy breeds they can handle cold weather well. They are more likely to be afraid of the snow at first.
    Having a dry draft free coop is more important.

    Imp- That being said, I'm planning on expanding my run and providing an enriched environment. [​IMG]
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    I'm in San Diego, Mountains....[​IMG]....I built a covered run just so my poor lil' chickies wouldn't get their feet wet. I look out from the cozy covered run and see all the tiny wild birds and ask myself why I was worried that my chickens would get too cold?

    I think it's a great idea!! I ditto everything that Imp said!
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    I'm also in Michigan (Go Blue) and have never had any problems in the winter. Other the keeping my water from freezing. You will be surprized at how harty chickens are. Just think back in the days when there was no electricity or running water etc. They got along just fine.
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    Lots of members up your way have a covered area so they can get out when snow is on the ground -- or shovel spots for them. Chickens tolerate cold pretty darn well, but often won't walk on snow, at least of any depth. You might find the plexiglass a little pricey, though. Maybe a browse in the coop forum here will give you some ideas.
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    Mine won't walk on snow deeper than 2". For bad weather (snow or high winds) I have a covered run that is pretty sheltered from the winds. They don't mind the rain - if it starts squaling, they all hop into the nearest tree. If it squalls frequently, they head back for the run.
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    [​IMG] Welcome Nova! If you get a chance wander over to the Michigan thread. Lots of nice and helpful folks over there. [​IMG] I haven't gone through a winter myself with my girls but like afveteran88, I've heard that chickens do just fine in the winter. Just as long as your coop doesn't have any drafts while they are sleeping in there, it should be all good. (from what I heard of course) [​IMG]

    Oh, the thread is located here:
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  8. Awesome. See, my neighbor has chickens, and they have never let the chickens out in the winter, and I was under the understanding that chickens will do better if they have as much natural light as possible. They have a skylite on their shed, but it faces east and is backed up in the trees, so, it gets a little morning light, and then they use artificial light. I do not want to use artificial light as much, but I will use it. So, I was just thinking a nice covered, clear winter run. I am collecting old window panes to be able to do it along with the plexi. I just didn't know if it was a good idea or not. So, now I know that it is. Thanks a lot. I just want my girls to be as happy as possible in the winter, even if they do bare confinement well.
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    Look into hoophouses, inexpensive greenhouses covered with 6mil greenhouse plastic. I would not fully enclose it in plastic though since the temps in hoop houses can get very high, even up to 80 degrees in the middle of january when outside temps are in the low teens. You will need to design the frame with snow loads in mind of course.

    As others have said, my chickens don't mind the cold at all (I am in Mass.) but they don't like to walk in anything more than a dusting of snow. I am going to partially cover some of their winter run since I am sick of shoveling it out [​IMG]
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    Hubby is fixing the run this weekend. We are replacing the tarp with wood on the top and side. It's 10 feet long. So the girls will be able to walk in a 10x5x5 in the run during the winter months. Our full run is 22x5x5 for 8 chicks. I can't imagine them cooped up for 6-7 months. I'm so glad he did this! We made our coop to big to give them more room as well.
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