Winterize pen with plastic?

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    A0A2CF68-C813-457E-ACCC-A585DFF7CE27.jpeg I know that there are tons of conversations about winterizing coops. But - here goes my question!!

    My girls are 3.5 months old and doing well in their coop - I leave the door open so they go an in and out of the coop to the fenced run during the day and at their free will. It has been cold but barely been below freezing at night (mid 20s has been the lowest). This weekend they are calling for 50F on Sunday and then 19F on Monday (flash freezing of rain on the ground) with wind chills -15 to -19F on Monday. I am in Southeast PA.

    The coop is raised off the ground with secure fencing around it. Should I put plastic around the bottom of the raised portion so they have additional wind protection when outside? I have a wind/snow block on the backside of the pen to protect the large part of the enclosure.

    The roosts are on the rear side of the coop and I’ve been leaving the front window cracked (approx 1.5”) at night for additional ventilation. I think I’ll be closing that for sure!

    Thanks, all!
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    :love Nice coop/run :love Putting plastic at in that section won't hurt.
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    Sep 6, 2018
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    plastic does help block wind but..... its gonna be -7 out here this weekend my run is huge i dont put plastic on it. i dont heat my coop. i dont heat my water either. my chickens have no issues not one frostbite. plenty of ventilation and no drafts so i got no worries. just have to fill the water dish twice a day. i do have things like hay stacked in a few strategic locations to block winds and give them more areas to keep there feet dry. if you can grab some hey bales thats a good way to make some smaller wind breaks i stack 3 flat on the ground stack another one or 2 on the middle hay bale. creates a wall and a seat. i also have hay bails stacked 3 high on the north wall east wall and west wall of my coop. hay bales are cheap and versatile can usualy find them for 2 or 3 $ sometimes free from locals
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    Would be a good idea.
    I'd be tempted to cover even more of the run walls....leaving 6-10" open at the tops.
    Did you ever get any more vents cut into coop wall under the run roof?
    New pics of wind block already installed?
  5. Rick&Chris

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    We have not added more ventilation yet - that is a spring/fair weather project. I have been leaving for he front window cracked - think that’s ok/enough for now?

    If you zoom in you can see the aluminum panel on the back side of the long wall of the pen.
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  6. Hamiltonville Farm

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    Jan 14, 2019
    We put plastic around ours. We don't get near as cold as you, but it works great. Also,when the sun warms it up in the middle of the day, we roll up a section to allow for a little breeze.
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    I used clear plastic shower curtains this year on the run. Bought them at the dollar store. This picture shows a section. We leave windows open in all but the worst days (heavy rain or snow) The chickens spend all day in the run.

    Edit: picture not uploading. Sorry.
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  8. Rick&Chris

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    Windows open at night too?
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  9. HeyHo

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    May 17, 2018
    FWIW, I opted to use clear roof panels along the exposed run areas and it has worked great so far and was very easy to install. With regard to the cracked window -- close it. I left mine open a little too long and my two girls with large combs got frostbite on the first truly cold night. The opening was above the hen's roosting bars, but not far enough. Everything's been fine ever since, even with very cold weather. So I think the that window just created too much draft. But obviously it depends upon the location of your window and distance to the chickens.
  10. Rick&Chris

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    Our window was open approx 1.5”-2” and is located approx 5 feet from where they roost. I did close it back up. I plan on adding more ventilation. We have openings at each peak (approx 14”x8” each). I do open the rear window during the day to add fresh air during the day and I clean the poop out every morning.
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