"Winterized" my open coop

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    Apr 28, 2014
    Central Texas
    That "Polar Vortex" hit Central Texas this week so I decided I needed to put up some barriers from the wind for the ladies. I stapled 6 mil think plastic sheeting from Home Depot on the open walls:

    Left an opening halfway up the door for some cross ventilation, hope it doesn't cause a bad draft....

    A little windbreak from the north winds on one of the run walls.

    The ladies don't seem to mind the loss of their view.
  2. Free Feather

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    Texas...Yeah, I do not think they will be in too much trouble with cold. I need to get the plastic up as well.
    Lookin' good!
  3. Your coop looks great! [​IMG]

    Don't you love your open air coop? I love mine, wouldn't have it any other way here in Texas. I like using the clear plastic or shower curtains. It does distort the view, but still gives plenty of light for the chickens.

    I winterized mine over the weekend, and finished up on it yesterday.

    I left my South end open and the East side that is under the barn. It's still cold in the coop/run, but it's not windy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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