winterizing and coop humidity

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  1. I have a set of 8"x16" louvered exhaust vent for this coop. They are directly across from each other at roof gable (?). This structure also has a moisture barrier in the roof.
    This is the ventilation this 8'x12' shed came with.
    We have insulated the interior and added interior walls to keep coop warm.
    Is it enough for 6 chickens?

    Coop humidity has been running with outside humidity -so much rain this winter. When I see the 80% mark it makes me nervous. Water heater is on when we are expecting a freeze.

    I ready 1 sq ft of vent opening per bird or per 10 sq ft floor space. ????
    I may as well take out a whole wall!
    What now?
    Any suggestions?


    This is the structure, only we had it designed with the doors on the 12 ft side with 2 drop down windows (huge drop downs) in the doors. Hen door is on the 8 ft side, with the nesting boxes on the oppisite 8 ft side. Directly across from doors on the other 12 ft wall in a window.

    We are in Ohio.

    Thanks guys
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    When dealing with temperature and humidity there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, you will want to consider the breed and quantity of chickens you are raising. For example, a large breed of chicken will oftentimes tolerate higher extremes than smaller breeds. The quantity of chickens in this space will also impact the temperature and humidity greatly.

    Based on the size of this shed I would recommend you keep everything the same for the time being. As temperatures begin to drop I would then recommend you close one of the two ventilation holes you are using. This will help keep the temperatures warm enough for your chickens...and if the humidity continues to stay elevated (once it dries up outside) I would open-up the shed and allow it to air out...this will equalize the temperature and humidity. You can then close-up the shed and start again.

    Personally, I'm experiencing the same problem with my coop. There isn't much we can do since it's sooooo wet I've just left it alone for the last few weeks. Once things begin to freeze I'll work on it some more...

    Best of luck...

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