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Jul 1, 2022
Hayden, ID
This is my first post (other than my introduction post). I should first start this with a little background. I called a local poultry farm for some 'pullets'. I was SHOCKED when he brought out baby chicks. He told me that pullets are just females. I thought pullets were 'teenage' hens. Oops. First timer here with chickens. Okay, so from there I purchased 10 chicks (pullets, LOL) he then 'threw in one for free'. =) This was May 23rd.
I have a question about two of the chickens. There is one and she is sooo much larger than the rest. I'm actually starting to wonder if she isn't a 'she'? I also have one that is really behind in growth compared to the others. Almost all of the others are nearly fully feathered. I believe they are both Wyandottes, but I'm guessing on that one. I think the feather pattern looks like Wyandotte. I'm going to try to attach the pictures. So, thoughts? Is Susan a Roo?? And what is going on with RB (stands for runt-baby)?

Thank you for any help you can give.


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The circled one could be a cockerel but the picture isn't clear enough. We like to see a close up of the face, comb and wattles, plus a picture of the bird in question that shows the side profile of the body. Clear lighting works best.

I don't know what is going on with the runt. It could be many things. But it looks pretty healthy at this point, so I would just make sure it is getting plenty to eat and maybe give it some meal worms for extra protein. Sometimes bigger chicks will crowd out the smaller ones so it could just be that it doesn't get enough food.
Alright, I've got one more that I need help with. My daughter named 'her' RB which stands for Runt-Baby.


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