Wo is gonna watch Pandorum?

I am torn about Paranormal Activity. They are hyping it as the scariest film ever. Very few horror movies frighten me any longer-although a few disturb me. If it isn't scary, I will be disappointed.
lol. My parents said if I ever want to watch those kinds of movies then I can when I get my own place. hahahaha Well they don't know that I already do!
They hate anything horror. I don't like guts and junk but I love creepy critters and zombies

I honestly dont think it will be that scary. If anything I think it will be a mix of Sirenity and Resident Evil and maybe even Pitchblack... But I don't think it will be as far as the scariest movie ever. So who ever watches it needs to say what it is but by not ruining it lol

You never know though. Ben Foster (
) was also in the movie 30 days of night (which I didnt watch..ima scared
) So It might be a repeat and he is in another scary movie.... hmmm I just dunno

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