Woah! Disgusting looking thing came out instead of an egg


10 Years
May 18, 2009
Instead of an egg, one of our pet hens laid something that looks a bit like a golf ball covered in blood with a stringy thing at one end. Really gross. Other than that, she seems fine. Her previous egg was soft shelled.

Any ideas?
Not sure about her age. The farmer said 1YO but she has been a lousy layer from the start, producing huge thin shelled eggs infrequently. We think she is an older bird.

Can I upload a photo or do I have to link?

The hens get oyster shell mixed in their diet. Other than that they get an organic layer feed and a lot of veg scraps in addition to what they pick up around the backyard
I'm going to suggest you dissect it, it appears that some of her ovary folicle came out with the egg, she lays infrequently?
yes...maybe a couple of eggs every two weeks, typically in bunches. 3 eggs in 4 days and then nothing for a long stretch.

If I cut it open, what would I look for?

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