Wobbly 3 year old


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May 13, 2007
North Central Texas
This morning, DW reported that one of our 3 year old hens looked wobbly while heading down to the coop last night. This morning, she didn't want to leave and stayed inside.

We have not had any 'sick' chickens in the past 4 years since we started keeping them. Our chickens free range, so 'staying inside' is troubling. Any suggestions on what to look for?




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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I have a three year old who was injured a few weeks ago. She's been wobbling, limiting her walking and pecking and scratching, since. She stayed in the coop for the first few days then started going outdoors and standing around under a bush most of the time. She has slept in a ground level nest since the injury (oddly, she does not poop in the nest.) She has gradually returned to more moving around.

Maybe your hen injured herself somehow and will in time improve; I hope so. Maybe this is the start of more serious problems, though. Of course a good looking over would be good, look for mites/lice, swollen abdomen or rear end, any sign of fracture or other injury to the legs or hips. If you don't see anything, just keep an eye on her, keep checking her. Good luck.

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