Wobbly and grumpy orphaned duckling

0lympic pie

6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
I found a pacific black duckling a few days ago, he was happy enough then, running around and cheeping. he didnt seem too interested in food but he was healthy enough. since then we've kept him warm and taken him for swims and feeding of oats and little snails in the sink. He was fine until today, he seems unhappy and just wants to sleep all the time and when you pick him up he goes limp and just swaks. I'm worried if hes sick or is he just tired?
I'm thinking the diet might be the cause, but it's hard to tell. Ducklings need more than oats and snails, they need a balanced diet. How old is the duckling and what temps are you keeping him warm at?
I was thinking that, we were going to get some food today but wasnt sure what was appropriate. I honestly cant say. he looks very little, maybe a week or two old?We give him hot water bottles regularly and he seems to like that. Would a lamp be better?
A lamp might be better as long as he can move away from it if he needs to. Also, have you looked at the sticky about duck treats? The ones for ducklings have a little chick next to them. Perhaps there's something on that list that of can give him until you get proper food.

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