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    Hi, just recently, within the last week or two I've noticed my peking drake to be a bit clumsy on his feet. He looks as if he is a bit off balance and falls down on occasion. Almost as if her can't stand on his feet. He seems to be a bit more quiet than normal and I was wondering if he may have gotten a bug of some sort. When I go to catch him he can run away but there are times he just seems off. What should I do to correct this problem?
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    Be sure to post on the duck forum as well. I would make sure that he is eating and drinking enough. Check his ears to make sure there is no swelling or signs of infection. Adding vitamins to his water might be a good idea. Look for any signs of foot or leg sores or injuries. Is he having any nasal drainage or respiratory symptoms?
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    I posted a response on your other thread on this forum. [​IMG]


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